Ministry of Commerce
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Department of Competition

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    Kingdom of Cambodia

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  • To adopt the Law on Competition is one of the Cambodia’s commitments to ASEAN and WTO. In accordance with this commitment, the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia has established the Working Group on Drafting Competition Law responsible for designing and reviewing the draft law, facilitating the whole process of competition law enactment and discussing on the competition-related issues.

    The draft law has been reviewed and finalized among the Working Group on Drafting Competition Law and international experts from Australia Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). As scheduled, this draft law is expected to be enacted by mid-2021.

    The purpose of this law is to establish provisions and procedures applicable to unlawful practices of restraint of competition and to promote and protect the benefits of competitive market economy of Cambodia. The law will cover (i) unlawful agreements which prevent, restrict or distort competition, (ii) unlawful activities on the abuse of dominant market postition, and (iii) any business combination which has the effects of significantly preventing, restricting or distorting competition in a market.

    According to the final draft law, Cambodia Competition Commission “CCC” shall be established in which the Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Repression Directorate General “CCF” will be the Secretariat of the Commission to enforce the to-be-enacted Competition Law.