Vietnam Competition and Consumer Authority (VCCA)

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    25 Ngo Quyen, Ha Noi, Vietnam

  • : +84.24.22205002
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  • Vietnam Competition Authority (VCA) was established in 2004 to administer the Law on Competition (2004). In 2017, VCA was renamed the Viet Nam Competition and Consumer Authority (VCCA), an agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade which has functions of enforcing the legislation of laws on competition, protection of consumers’ interests and multi-level marketing activities in order to ensure a healthy competitive environment, build up equal opportunities for market players as well as protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

    The organization structure of VCCA includes 07 units:

    • Administrative Office
    • Antitrust Division
    • Economic Concentration Control Division
    • Unfair Competition Investigation Division
    • Consumer Protection Division
    • Standard Contract and General Condition Control Division
    • Center for Information, Consultation and Training