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Virtual ASEAN Competition Research Centre

The Virtual ASEAN Competition Research Centre (Virtual Centre) is a platform to stimulate research on competition issues in ASEAN. It contains a repository of relevant research materials for the competition community in ASEAN as well as a database of researchers with an interest on competition policy and law in ASEAN.

Recent Research Articles

  • Announcing The Death Of Colgate: The Form And Substance Of Vertical Price Fixing Agreements

    This Article examines the agreement requirement in resale price maintenance (“RPM”) cases and the longstanding exception to the ban on RPM under the Colgate doctrine.  It argues for the abolition of the doctrine for a number of reaso ...
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  • The Application of Extraterritorial in ASEAN Economic Community Era: Challenge and Feasibility

    Introduction The Extraterritoriality Principle in Competition Law Extraterritorial Provision in ASEAN Competition Law Feasibility for Implementing the Extraterritoriality in ASEAN Conclusion
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  • A Consumer Behavioral Approach to Resale Price Maintenance

    This Article reexamines the various pro-competitive justifications and theories of harm for resale price maintenance (“RPM”), one of the most controversial practices in antitrust law.  It argues that the existing literature overlooks ...
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  • The Meaning of Restriction of Competition Under the Monopolistic Agreements Provisions of the PRC Anti-Monopoly Law

    International attention on the People's Republic of China PRC Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) has mostly focused on merger control and abuse of dominance. Enforcement against restrictive agreements and concerted practice seems to have been overlooked so ...
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  • Sherman vs. Goliath?: Tackling the Conglomerate Dominance Problem in Emerging and Small Economies-Hong Kong as a Case Study

    This article explores a competition problem that has been long neglected in the two major competition law jurisdictions, the United States and the European Union, conglomerate dominance or aggregate concentration. With their continental scale, the U. ...
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  • Dynamics of Ride Sharing Competition

    This paper studies the dynamics of ride-sharing competition. Ride-sharing is modelled as a spatial two-sided market with heterogeneous passengers and drivers, both located on a Salop (1979) circle. The model is simulated to study four aspects o ...
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  • Antitrust Appraisal of Vertical Agreements in the ASEAN Economic Community

    Abstract: In spite of the ASEAN goal of harmonising national competition policies and laws, the ASEAN Member States (AMSs) adopt an array of different approaches towards a number of procedural and substantive competition law issues, including the sub ...
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