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Workshop on the Nexus between Competition, Consumer Protection and Intellectual Property laws

14 November 2018
News Singapore

On 14 November 2018, Ms. Elizabeth Holzer, Director (Enforcement branch) from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (“ACCC”) visited CCCS and conducted a half-day workshop to CCCS staff, focusing on the nexus between competition, consumer protection and intellectual property laws. The workshop was well received by the participants and enhanced staff’s overall understanding on how these different fields of law interface with one another.

Ms. Elizabeth Holzer is an experienced legal professional and is currently a Director in the ACCC’s enforcement branch where she oversees the investigation and prosecution of alleged contraventions of competition and consumer laws.  She has considerable experience in both competition and consumer protection matters and is a very experienced litigator. She has strategically led and managed the investigation and preparation of a number of ACCC matters which have culminated in Court awarded penalties, injunctions and declarations.