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The 1st Jakarta International Competition Forum: “Competition Policy in Responding to Indonesia’s Economic Challenges”

14 March 2016
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Competition policy and law has become one of the important pillars of Indonesia’s economy. Such instrument has been adapted throughout many government policies, including those of central and local economic policies. This high state commitment for the creation of fair competition was not a child play. Eversince the beginning of KPPU, many activities has been placing to prove our commitment for an effective competition law.

Throughout its journey, KPPU has been dynamic to adjust themself addressing ongoing challenges. Many improvements were made in term of case proceeding, policy, and institutional. Advocacy activities were massively execute. These activities have improved high public awareness in competition. Competition has become the adapted knowledge by higher education. Competition has formed its own community that play role as our strategic partner to disseminate competition law and policy.

In order to accommodate all stakeholder, knowledge, and community, KPPU established the Jakarta International Competition Forum. The JICF is a multi-stakeholder forum presenting national and international experts in competition law and policy to talk, share, and create networks for main purpose of building a strong competition culture and commitment toward sound competition environment.

This year, the forum discussed a theme related to "Competition Policy in Responding to Indonesia’s Economic Challenges". Theme is subtly placed to start the mainstreaming of competition policy process initiated by the Indonesia National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) 2015-2019, as well as to value the 15th Years Anniversary of Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha (Indonesia’s competition commission).

The JICF was inaugurated in National Museum, on the evening of 9 June 2015 by His Excellency Jusuf Kalla (Vice President of Republic of Indonesia). Attended by close friends of KPPU from government institutions, embassy of foreign countries, international competition authorities, academicians, and lawyers.

In the Opening Remarks, His Excellency Jusuf Kalla stated his support on the amandment of Indonesian Competition Law. He also believed that the amendment will bring positive impact on the implementation of competition law and policy in Indonesia, and that it will strengthen KPPU’ authorities in tackling the violation on competition law, especially in the era of ASEAN Economic Community.

The second day of JICF is more substantial with the experts from domestic and international counterparts such as the Coordinating Minister of Economic, Minister of National Planning and Development, Minister of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform, Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board, Indonesia Consumer Protection Agency, Chambers of Commerce, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Japan Fair Trade Commission, Korean Fair Trade Commission, Competition Commission of Singapore, Malaysia Competition Commission, NERA Institute, and American Chamber of Indonesia.

The full-day conference proceeded interactively, and in his wrap-up remarks, Chairman Nawir Messi stated that to prepare for fast approaching integration, Indonesia may offer at least two solutions. First is to start promoting enforcement cooperation between ASEAN countries with common interest as an initial example to the region. Second is to start promoting cross-border economic policy coordination to bring awareness to the regional policy making process.

And Hopefully, those commitments could be materialized in not so distant future!.