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Seminar with Emeritus Professor Richard Whish QC on Recent Developments in EU and UK Competition Law

29 January 2019
News Singapore

Emeritus Professor Richard Whish QC provided CCCS officers an in-house seminar on recent developments in EU and UK Competition Law on 29 January 2019. Professor Richard Whish is an eminently regarded expert on EU and UK Competition Law. A legal academic, qualified solicitor, and author, Professor Whish has published extensively and contributed invaluably to various aspects of international competition law and policy, including to Singapore. In this seminar, through the analysis of recent key cases, Professor Richard Whish shared his views on current competition issues being litigated within the EU and UK jurisdictions. This year, the seminar focused on cartel cases pending before the European Commission, the enforcement by the European Commission of abuse of dominance cases, and other relevant topics and issues being examined in the EU and UK, such as the increase in private litigation.