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Lao Competition Commission

12 September 2023
News Lao PDR

The Lao Competition Commission is the non-standing committee, performs in accordance with the laws an regulations, acts as advisor to the Government; is independent in terms of technical aspects and directly responsible for monitoring, inspecting and performing its mandated tasks in cooperation with relevant agencies and local authorities. The abbreviation of Lao Competition Commission is "LCC".


Personnel structure of the LCC consists of:

  1. A Vice Minister of Industry and Commerce as Chairman and Standing Commissioner;
  2. A representative of the Ministry of Finance, Vice Chairman; 
  3. A representative of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vice Chairman;
  4. A representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Member;
  5. A representative of the Ministry of Justice, Member; 
  6. A representative of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Member;
  7. A representative of the National Economic ResearchInstitute, Member; 
  8. A representative of the Institute of Finance and Banking, Member;
  9. A representative of the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Member;
  10. A representative of the Lao Bar Association, Member;
  11. Head of the Secretariat of the LCC, Member.


The LCC shall be appointed by the Prime Minister based on a recommendation of the Minister of Industry and Commerce.

The LCC shall have the Secretariat as its advisor located in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

In case of necessity, the Provincial Competition Commission (PCC) may be established.