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KPPU Administered the First Batch of Competition Compliance Class

27 November 2018
News Indonesia

Jakarta (27/11) – As a form of follow-up to the previously organized Executive Forum, KPPU organised the first batch of Competition Compliance Class programs for private companies and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Indonesia, on Tuesday, 27 November 2018. The purpose of this program is to provide detailed knowledge on the implementation of Law No.5 Year 1999 regarding Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition.

Other than a brief presentation of the Indonesian Competition Law, this Class also explained other existing supporting regulations such as Government Regulation No.57 Year 2010 regarding Mergers and Acquisitions, transgressions that might be committed in the Indonesian Competition Law, Indonesian Competition Law-Based Compliance Program, competition risks, and review of competition compliance design.

“Basically, prevention is better than enforcement. This compliance class if applied in each company may serve as an early warning system to companies’ decision makers, hence, potential violation of Indonesian Competition Law will not take place,” said Commissioner Afif Hasbullah, in his opening. Afif further explained that this compliance class functioned as a forum to understand comprehensively the Indonesian Competition Law. By attending this competition class it is hoped that in the future, companies will be capable of competing soundly under the rules applicable in Indonesia, so as to keep on developing and innovating in the business processes thereof.

“Understanding business competition is an urgency. The global competition currently is highly dynamic, companies must also be capable of understanding international business competition. Therefore, a fair business competition is essential. This is not meant to enfeeble companies, but companies will increasingly become more developed if they understand business competition and comply with the Indonesian Competition Law,” added Afif.

Furthermore, the Director of Legal Proceeding, Gopprera Panggabean, provided some outlook with regard to the Indonesian Competition Law and big cases that have been taken care of by KPPU in the said compliance class. “We have handled some cases such as SMS cartel, garlic cartel, Transjakarta Bus bid rigging, scooter-matic cartel, and imported cattle cartel. These all for sure have posed losses to the consumers. KPPU as an agency holding the mandate of the Indonesian Competition Law wants to keep endeavoring to make all the elements in Indonesia prosperous,” explained Gopprera.

Other than Afif and Gopprera, Acting Prevention Deputy of KPPU,Taufik Ahmad, and Director of Merger, Deswin Nur were also present.


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