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ICC’s Law Enforcement Activities to be Conducted Electronically during Pandemic

21 April 2020
News Indonesia

Law enforcement activities conducted by Indonesia Competition Commission (ICC) have resumed as of April 7, 2020.  The recently issued letter on the Decision Number 12/KPPU/Kep.1/IV/2020 regarding Case Handling in Disease Outbreak Disaster Emergency Conditions responding to COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia which instructed the continuation of all law enforcement activities to include; assessment of notifications, partnership supervision, handling of business competition cases, examination of delayed notification cases, examination of partnership cases, and hearings of the Commission Panel.

In line with the government policy to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, all staff of the ICC are instructed to work from their respective premises and are required to minimize physical meetings. During these times, activities of the Commission will be undertaken through the use of the electronic media. This has been specifically provided by virtue of Commission Regulation Number 1 Year 2020 regarding Electronic Case Handling as issued by ICC on April 6, 2020. All concerned parties involved in law enforcement proceedings are required to be cooperative by providing the requested data, information, and clarification as needed.