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Competitive bidding call for experts to conduct the study on "evaluation of the competition in Vietnam's cement market"

18 May 2015
News Vietnam

Cement is considered a strategic industry in the national economic development with an average contribution of 10-15% to the GDP annually. From 2000 to now, the cement industry has encountered many fluctuations. There was a time when demand exceeded supply because domestic production couldn't meet the blooming demand for development of construction industry. Recently, cement industry is experiencing severe impact from the serious decrease in demand. That fact can have big impact on the market structure and competition behavior of enterprises doing business in the cement industry.

In order to evaluate the market structure and competition situation in the cement market for the time being, at the same time to collect information for purpose of building a database for the management and supervision of competition , Vietnam Competition Authority (VCA) is conducting a research on the "evaluation of the competition in Vietnam's cement market" with the cooperation of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in the framework of the technical support project in order to perfect the legal framework on competition law and policy of Vietnam.

On that basis, VCA in cooperation with JICA conduct a selection and hiring of consulting experts to carry out one or some of the above mentioned content of the research. interested experts wishing to conduct the research can send the bidding proposal via post or email to VCA before 25 May 2015.

For the bidding call and contact details, please download here.