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CCS Launches Essay Competition on Competition and Consumer Protection Policies

12 February 2018
News Singapore

The Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS) and the Economic Society of Singapore (ESS) announced the launch of the 3rd CCS-ESS Essay Competition. The topic for this year’s competition is “Nexus between Competition and Consumer Protection Policies”.

This contest invites contestants to examine the extent to which both competition and consumer protection polices can harmonise or complement each other to ensure markets function effectively. Ideas on how these two functions can be housed in a single agency to offer opportunities and benefits should be discussed, alongside challenges that such integration might bring and how they can be addressed. Suggestions on areas or issues currently present in the market that can be better addressed using both competition and consumer policies can also be discussed.

The essay competition has two categories:

  • Pre-university” category: all pre-universities[1] students studying and based in Singapore, current full time servicemen (NSFs) who have completed their pre-university education; as well as Singaporean students studying in overseas pre-universities.
  • Open” category: all individuals living in Singapore as well as Singaporeans living overseas (excluding those who qualify under the “pre-university” category).

The following awards will be given to the winning essays of each category (“Pre-University” and “Open”): 

1st prize - $3,000
2nd prize - $2,000
3rd prize - $1,000
Merit - $300 x 3

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