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CCCS Inaugural Research Grant: Call For Proposals on Barriers to Innovate Entrepreneurship in Singapore

03 May 2018
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  1. The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”) is inviting researchers to submit proposals on the topic of “Barriers to Innovative Entrepreneurship in Singapore” in its inaugural Research Grant (the “CCCS Research Grant”) to encourage research on competition issues in Singapore and the region, and to promote greater awareness of competition policy and law issues. 

  2. Areas of research may include the potential barriers to market entry, enforcement of intellectual property (“IP”) rights, unequal access to public procurement and finance, impact of regulations, and anti-competitive practices against innovative entrepreneurs.

    Eligibility and Funding

  3. The call for proposals is open to all, including academics, students from undergraduate level and above, and competition practitioners worldwide.

  4. The successful applicant will receive a total of S$21,000 in funding for his/her research project.

  5. One-third of the awarded Grant will be paid upon award and the remaining two-thirds of the Grant will be paid upon successful completion and delivery of the research project.

    Application and Closing Date

  6. All applicants are required to complete the CCCS Research Grant Proposal Application Form (the “Application Form”) and submit the application by 5pm Singapore time, 16 July 2018. Please refer to the Brief to Applicants on the CCCS Research Grant for more information on the conditions and application process.

  7. The completed Application Form, and all supporting documents (in Microsoft Word or pdf format) must be submitted electronically to the following email address: Please ensure that all the relevant materials are submitted together in one zip folder, and the folder is named as:


  8. Enquires on the CCCS Research Grant should be sent to