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CCCS and China’s State Administration for Market Regulation Sign MOU on Cooperation of Competition Law

29 December 2021
News Singapore

29 December 2021

1.         Chief Executive of the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”), Ms. Sia Aik Kor, and Vice Minister of the State Administration for Market Regulation of The People’s Republic of China (“SAMR”)[1], Madam Gan Lin have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) to enhance understanding and cooperation between CCCS and SAMR in the field of competition law.

2.         The MoU will establish a cooperation framework between both competition authorities. It will facilitate technical cooperation, experience sharing, information exchange and coordination for cases of mutual interest. It will also enhance the development of competition policy and law between both agencies and in the region.

3.         Chief Executive, CCCS, Ms. Sia Aik Kor said,

“CCCS values the long-standing relationship that we have with the SAMR. This MoU reflects our shared commitment to continue to work together to strengthen competition policy development and increase the effectiveness of competition law in our countries and in the region.”

4.         A copy of the MoU is available on CCCS’s website[2].