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Balancing IP Rights, Competition takes center stage at 10th ASEAN Competition Conference

24 November 2023
News Philippines

MANILA, 23 November 2023 – The ASEAN Competition Conference (ACC), the premier platform for exploring competition policy and law in Southeast Asia, is set to celebrate its 10th year installment this November. 

Scheduled to take place on 29-30 November at Conrad Manila in Pasay City, the 10th ACC will focus on emerging best practices in addressing intellectual property (IP) concerns in antitrust while fostering innovation within the context of rapidly integrating local, regional, and global value chains. 

With the theme “From Innovation to Impact: Synergizing Antitrust and IP Regulation for a Stronger ASEAN,” the conference will feature a range of panel discussions, including: 

  • Advancing merger control and IP regulation in ASEAN pharma markets; 
  • Combatting anti-competitive practices and licensing in ASEAN pharma markets; 
  • AI & IP in digital platforms; 
  • Promoting market access in biotech through competition; and  
  • Technology transfer and competition. 

The Agenda of the 10th ACC can be downloaded through: 

The 10th ACC will bring together policymakers, regulators, the judiciary, academics, and industry experts from within and outside the region. The conference will also launch the peer review report on Malaysia’s advocacy programs. In-person and online attendance are free of charge. Registrations can be done through:  

The 10th ACC is accessible online through the below platforms and links:

The 10th ACC is hosted by the Philippine Competition Commission and co-organised by the ASEAN Experts Group on Competition and the ASEAN Secretariat.