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2023, Indonesia, Abuse of Dominance

Jakarta (2/3) - Panel Hearing of the Indonesia Competition Commission (ICC) in its Follow-up Examination of Case Number 15/KPPU-I/2022 on the Alleged Violation of Articles 5 and 19 Sub-article c in the Sales of Packaged Cooking Oil in Indonesia has gotten into its final phase, namely the examination of the Reported Parties in the said case. The Commission Panel is scheduled as of tomorrow, March 3, 2023 to conduct closed-door examinations against the 27 (twenty-seven) Reported Parties. The examinations of all the Reported Parties constitute the final phase prior to the end of the Follow-up Examination proceedings on April 4, 2023. After the Follow-up Examinations, the Commission Panel will hold a Commission Panel Deliberation to prepare a Decision on the said case.

ICC for your information has started conducting a Preliminary Examination of this case since October 20, 2022 and has been continued with a Follow-up Examination since November 25 2022, as well as the extension of the Follow-up Examination since February 20, 2023. After going through the examination proceedings taking place till late at night, ICC succeeded in examining 31 (thirty-one) Witnesses put forward by the Investigator side and Reported Party side as well as 11 (eleven) Experts put forward by the Investigator side, Reported Party side and Commission Panel side in order to delve deeply into various statements. Even for today's hearing, ICC is still examining the Expert put forward by the Reported Party side, namely Prof. Ningrum Natasya Sirait, Professor of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Sumatera Utara (University of North Sumatra).

Based on such various statements made by all the parties as well as instruments of proof disclosed in the hearings, the Commission Panel will hold a closed-door deliberation to assess, analyze, conclude, and decide the case. The result of the Deliberation of the Commission Panel will be set forth in a Commission Decision. By virtue of Regulation of ICC No. 1 of 2019 on Procedures for Handling Cases of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition, Decisions of the Commission are read out in a Commission Panel Hearing open to the public, by no later than 30 (thirty) days following the end of the Follow-up Examination.