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CCCS Penalises Fresh Chicken Distributors for Price-fixing and Non-compete Agreements

2018, Singapore, Anticompetitive Agreeement

The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”) has issued an Infringement Decision against 13 fresh chicken distributors (“the Parties”) for engaging in anti-competitive agreements to coordinate the amount and timing of price increases, and agreeing not to compete for each other’s customers in the market for the supply of fresh chicken products in Singapore.

CCCS has imposed the following financial penalties on the Parties (penalties for entities within the same group are shown as a combined figure):

Table of Chicken Suppliers

Aside from financial penalties, CCCS has directed the Parties to provide a written undertaking that they will refrain from using The Poultry Merchants’ Association, Singapore, of which all the Parties are members, or any other industry association as a platform or front, for anti-competitive activities.

Mr. Toh Han Li, Chief Executive, CCCS said:

"Price-fixing and market sharing are considered some of the most harmful types of anti-competitive conduct. Such conduct is particularly harmful when the products affected are widely consumed in Singapore, such as in this case. CCCS will continue to take strong enforcement action to ensure that cartels do not negatively impact Singapore markets and harm businesses and consumers."

Further information on the investigations, analysis of the case and the basis of calculation of the financial penalties imposed on the Parties are set out in the Infringement Decision, which can be found here