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CCCS consults on the Proposed Acquisition by MOMQ Holding Company of CoorsTek KK.’s Crucibles Business

2022, Singapore, Mergers & Acquisitions

1. The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”) is inviting public feedback on the proposed acquisition by MOMQ Holding Company (“Momentive”) of CoorsTek KK.’s (“CoorsTek”) crucibles business (the “Target Business”) (the “Proposed Transaction”).

2. CCCS accepted an application from Momentive and CoorsTek (the “Parties”) on 26 August 2022 for a decision on the Proposed Transaction. CCCS is now assessing whether the Proposed Transaction, if carried into effect, would infringe section 54 of the Competition Act 2004, which prohibits mergers that have resulted, or may be expected to result, in a substantial lessening of competition within any market in Singapore.

The Parties


3. Momentive is an advanced material company engaged in the design and manufacture of ultra high performance quartz and ceramic products, enabling high-quality processing and production in a wide range of applications in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, lighting, aerospace, water purification, pharmaceutical, consumer electronic and telecommunication industries.

4. In Singapore, Momentive uses the brand name “Momentive” and the trading names “Momentive Technologies” and “Momentive Performance Materials Quartz GmbH”. Momentive’s activities in Singapore primarily consist of the supply of quartz crucibles (for 300mm wafers), as well as miscellaneous ceramic products. Momentive manufactures the crucibles to the customers’ specifications at its facility in Geestacht, Germany, before shipping them to Singapore. Momentive does not have any registered entities in Singapore.


5. CoorsTek develops and manufactures a variety of products made of inorganic materials such as quartz glass, graphite, silicon carbide, silicon parts and fine ceramics for use in the production of semiconductor devices. The Target Business is active in manufacturing various grades of quartz crucibles used for single crystal silicon ingot pulling.

6. In Singapore, CoorsTek uses the brand name “COORSTEK” and the trading name “CoorsTek KK” and is involved in the sale of various ceramic products such as quartz crucibles (for 300mm wafers) to customers. CoorsTek does not have any registered entities in Singapore.

The Proposed Transaction

7. The Parties submitted that Momentive and the Target Business only overlap in the supply of quartz crucibles (for 300mm wafers) in Singapore and consider the relevant market to be the global supply of quartz crucibles used to produce 300mm wafers.

8. According to the Parties, the Proposed Transaction will not result in a substantial lessening of competition in Singapore because:

i. The Parties will continue to face competition from, and remain constrained by, established global players with sophisticated capabilities.

ii. There are no material barriers to entry or expansion in the supply of quartz crucibles in Singapore. In the absence of regulatory barriers relating to the supply of quartz crucibles in Singapore, existing crucible manufacturers could very quickly expand their existing capacity and begin supplying quartz crucibles. There are also no Singapore-specific barriers in securing raw materials known to the Parties.

iii. There are no prohibitive switching costs involved when a customer decides to switch suppliers. In addition, it is not uncommon for buyers in this industry to self-supply. For example, some of the buyers of quartz crucibles are vertically-integrated companies which are active in the downstream market for silicon ingot manufacturing, and they have established their own crucibles manufacturing plants which supply their own internal demand.

Public Consultation

9. CCCS is inviting public feedback on the Proposed Transaction from 30 August 2022 to 13 September 2022. Comments should reach CCCS no later than 5pm on 13 September 2022.

10. More information on the public consultation can be accessed and downloaded from the CCCS website at under the section “Public Consultation”. If the submission or correspondence contains confidential information, please also provide CCCS with a non-confidential version of the submission or correspondence.